Logistics and support

With 20+ years in the tourism industry we know this country like the back of our hand, and we’ve used our experience to provide logistics & support to events that align with our core values: nature, adventure and culture. This way organizers can focus on making of the event a complete success and leave all the non-essential services to us, such as:

  • Transportation services
  • Lodging for participants and staff
  • Concierge services
  • Information services (prior and during the event)

Some of these events include:

World Rafting Championship 2011

Pacuare River was the scenario for 2011th World Rafting Championship by the International Rafting Federation (IRF). 32 countries came to the competition, and we took care of their needs. 

Ruta de los Conquistadores 2016-2019

La Ruta is Costa Rica’s most important mountain bike race and one of the world’s toughest challenges. Following the route Spaniard conquerors began in the 1560’s decade, more than 500 competitors signed up every year to this demanding endeavor. Our role was to provide numerous services for over 130 foreign competitors who required assistance with lodging, mechanics, massage therapists, and everything an elite athlete needs to be taken care of so he/she can focus on the competition.

EXPLORNATURA is an authentic tourism company that offers unforgettable personalized experiences. Its staff is efficient, respectful, helpful and super friendly. The satisfaction of its clients is very high, given that its services are safe and reliable.

Florencia Urbina, La Ruta

Mollejones Art Festival 2018

This was the first art festival created to attract visitors to this lovely rural town, it was organized by the community and Explornatura. Over 250 people showed to this 2-day festival to engage in art classes, sculpture exhibit by costarican artist Henry Chacon, traditional dance performances, typical food and live music from local artists. Stands out the live performance by renowned pianist Manuel Obregón and graphic artist Carlos Hiller, where each one improvised on their craft to co-create art in front of the audience.

Explornatura was in charge of the design, artists invitation and all the logistics with the invaluable help of the neighbors of Mollejones.

National Coffee Festival 2019

We organized and designed the site map for the second edition of the National Coffee Festival in the town of Aquiares. Since coffee has been so important for Costa Rica’s history, we also organized with Central Bank’s Museum to display a numismatic collection of the old coins minted in coffee plantations to pay the workers.

A race (running and mountain bike) was also organized for this event as well as piano concert.