Potable water: Water that is suitable for human consumption. 

Post-consumer waste: Any material, object, substance, element or product in solid or semi-solid state, liquid or gas contained, in a receptacle whose generator discards or rejects it because its properties don’t permit it to be reused.

Global warming: The theory based on observations of medium temperature rise in relation to the terrestrial atmosphere and oceans.

Green house gas emissions: Chemical compounds in a gaseous state that accumulate in the atmosphere and are capable of absorbing infrared radiation from the Sun, increasing and retaining heat in the atmosphere.

Eco efficiency: Increase in production and services parallel to a decrease in resource consumption, energy and a reduction in waste and emissions.  

Inorganic materials: being or composed of matter other than plant or animal, forming or belonging to the inanimate world.

Recycling: The process of collection and transformation of waste materials or used materials that can be reutilized as new products or raw materials.

Greenhouse effect: Process by which thermal radiation emitted by the surface of our planet is absorbed by GHG gases

Biodegradable or environmentally preferential products: Designation given to products whose manufacturing, consumption and disposal result in lower environmental damage compared to non-biodegradable products.


Vision and Mission

To be recognized by our clients for the quality of our services and customer satisfaction from our tours, exceeding their expectation and motivating them to visit us again. 

We develop adventure experiences immersed in Costa Rica’s wonderful natural environment and the culture of the Costarican people.


Values and Sustainability Principle        

At Explornatura we strive to provide excellent service at every instance. We strongly believe in:

Excellent Customer Service

Quality Services


Qualified Personnel


Respect for Nature

These values represent a commitment to our customers, to the people of Costa Rica, and our environment.  We are aware of our impact, our potential impact and the need to minimize the negative effects of said impacts. For this reason we created a Sustainability Policy based on five key areas of importance that we believe encompass our brand of sustainable development.

From top to bottom, the Explornatura team strives to achieve a level of environmental awareness that will lead us to be a model for sustainable tourism in Costa Rica.  Part of this process is the proper informing structure for our customers. Ensuring that our customers are aware of our practices, initiatives and philosophy puts us on the path to closing the sustainability loop.


Our Environment

Explornatura is aware that as a tour operator, we have an intrinsic impact on the environment. We work to maintain this awareness at all levels of our management, including providers and collaborators, thus influencing others to reduce their impact.

  • Biodegradable products or environmentally preferable products: Explornatura uses biodegradable products, recycled products, recyclable products and products with lesser impact on the natural environment, wherever possible, both in our day to day business and on our tours.
  • Waste Management: Explornatura is committed to disposing of organic, recyclable and non-recyclables appropriately by providing our facilities with disposal units for all types, and providing our guides with appropriate disposal receptacles while conducting tours. Explornatura clients, collaborators and employees are not permitted to discard waste during tours if it is not in the appropriate waste disposal units.
  • Energy Use: Explornatura is committed to minimize energy use in our daily operations by using energy efficient electronics and lighting systems, and the use of energy efficient technology. All points of lighting are adequately signed to ensure that rational use of energy is practiced by all people, working and visiting Explornatura facilities.
  • Water use and water management: Explornatura is committed to responsible water use and management. All water use points are adequately signed to ensure that employees and visitors practice responsible water use. Periodic visits by a plumber are implemented to ensure that water leaks do not occur. Biodegradable cleaning products are utilized to limit the impact on our water source.
  • Transport: Explornatura is committed to contracting transport services committed to sustainable practices such as, but not limited to: energy efficiency, reducing green house gas emissions via responsible use of fuel, limited noise pollution, reducing green house gas emissions via no idle cars, and alternative fuels, whenever possible.  
  • National patrimony protection: Explornatura is committed to reducing the impact of its customers on all protected areas and cultural sites. Additionally, Explornatura is committed to local, cultural development and preservation, by supporting conservation and development initiatives.
  • Reforestation program: Explornatura is committed to collaborating with all communal organizations, volunteer programs, agencies, hotels and entities that requests assistance for reforestation and regeneration programs.
  • Flora and Fauna: Explornatura clients, collaborators and employees are not permitted to pick or take-out flora from site locations, feed fauna, and are insisted to practice limited noise contamination.  


Our Society

Explornatura is committed to supporting practices that benefit local social development, taking into consideration elements that reduce negative social impact, foment positive values and benefit local safety.

  • Values: Explornatura is committed to promoting values that have in their practices, the best interest of its clients, protects its employees, protects the general population, all the while respecting and promoting rights and freedoms. 
  • Social impact: The cultural integrity, privacy, beliefs, and values of local communities, are respected in hopes that we can facilitate development and decrease any negative impact on society.
  • Safety: Explornatura is committed to the safety of our employees and our clients. We have established mechanisms to periodically evaluate risk factors in our offices, in the sites we visit and in our transportation providers, in order to minimize risk and guarantee the safety of our clients and personnel.    


Our Providers

Explornatura is committed to establishing relationships with providers that respect the environment and that demand Explornatura comply with laws, regulations, orders and policies when they provide Explornatura with their services or products. We are committed to fostering awareness of best practices for a sustainable development. We constantly stimulate our providers to join the growing number of business’ that believe in and inspire sustainable development, opening the door to a diversified portfolio, with the goal of achieving consistency throughout our entire management environment and our ultimate goal of sustainable tourism.

  • Choosing Providers: Explornatura will give priority to providers that identify with excellent customer service, social and environmental sustainability, and whose good practices support the development of the tourism sector as well as community development.


Our Operations

Explornatura is committed to developing activities that coincide with environmental and social norms, managing a sustainable equilibrium and minimizing negative social, environmental, and economic impact.

  • Carrying Capacity: Explornatura will respect the carrying capacity of the locations it utilizes, respecting security norms established by National Parks, Biological Reserves, Protected Areas and National Monuments and limiting the environmental impact of our employees and clients.

  • Community Engagement: Explornatura will engage different economic sectors of the communities we work with, in order to promote unique characteristics that are essential to each Community.

  • Group Sizes: Explornatura guarantees that for each product or service offered, carrying capacity is respected as well as taking into account special needs of clients, safety issues, and norms and regulations. If the situation arises, Explornatura will provide additional guides for the specific demands.

  • Manuals: Explornatura produces and implements operation manuals to ensure proper operation, training and maintenance of operations and services.


Information Dissemination and Reporting

Explornatura is committed to informing providers, collaborators, and customers about our sustainability commitments.

  • Environmental Education: Explornatura is committed to informing its clients, collaborators and employees of conservation practices, preservation practices, regeneration practices, energy use, water use and management, and impact of the physical and cultural environment.

  • Providers: Explornatura will inform its providers about all sustainability initiatives as an incentive for our providers to set their own environmental and social policies.